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New Infographic: Checklist for Internal Supply Chain Audits

A strong internal supply chain operates at maximum productivity, with top-notch efficiency. Performing an internal supply chain audit is an essential step in the building of a strong, strategic supply chain. The audit uses top success factors of supply chain excellence to measure and improve upon the current state of a company’s internal supply chain.

The Essential Supply Chain Audit Checklist: Internal Audits gives the auditor a thorough and chronological, step-by-step guide with which to perform the audit. It describes the five top success factors for supply chain excellence and offers in depth tips for examining those factors as they apply to each specific company.

supply chain audit infographic

No one success factor for supply chain excellence is more important than the next. Each plays its own valuable role. In fact, the factors rely on each other to function properly. If one factor is weak, the others will feel that weakness.

For example, if a supply chain’s technology is unsuitable, the internal supply chain processes and strategy will likely suffer as a result.

The use of the checklist during an audit ensures that each step of the internal supply chain is being checked thoroughly. It gives the auditor insight into where shortcomings often occur and where common errors take place. The checklist leaves no link in the internal chain unevaluated.

Beginners and experts can both find value in The Essential Supply Chain Audit Checklist: Internal Audits. Use it as a guide, checking off each step as you go, or simply give it a quick skim to refresh your memory before performing your next audit.

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