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Our Mission

At Trax Technologies, we’re on a mission to improve logistics performance.


Digital Innovation

Today’s supply chains don’t operate in a vacuum. In fact, most companies now contend with logistics and finances on a global level. They use so many moving pieces, and generate so much data, that overall logistics performance can be difficult to track, analyze and predict. As a result, it’s become nearly impossible to tell if you’re driving value or wasting resources.

Digital Innovation

There are plenty of advantages to this agile, globalized economy. But, as buyers and sellers of logistics services are learning, there are also challenges. For example: How do you know if you’re truly in control of your logistics delivery spend? And can you really control your margin optimization?

Digital Innovation

The reality today is that dynamic supply chains—and all the moving pieces and systems they incorporate—make it difficult to track, analyze and predict your overall logistics performance. As a result, it’s become nearly impossible to tell if you’re driving value or wasting margin.

Trax has the Solution
With offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, and 23 years of successfully processing transactions across all modes and all regions, Trax Technologies has the global reach, experience, and expertise necessary to address complex logistics spend management challenges.

Designed to Simplify

Our cloud-based platform is designed to simplify the many facets of both local and global logistics spend management—from proper audit controls and detailed costing, to settlements and operating and financial benchmarking—so you can optimize performance, save money, and better serve your customers.

We Turn Information into Insight.

Trax combines highly intelligent people, trillions of logistics data points, proven data science techniques, and continuously learning technology to distill logistics and related financial data into clear, trustworthy, and actionable intelligence.

We turn complexity into control

We deliver granular understanding of your logistics agreements, apply proper controls over all your related financial transactions, and enable efficient collaboration, comparative analysis, and effective risk mitigation.

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