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Clean Data. Clear Insight. Lasting Value.

Opportunities for driving value should be limitless.

Most freight audit & payment solutions try to build efficiency through process automation. The problem with this approach is that it has an endpoint where new value is no longer attainable.

Trax, on the other hand, believes efficiency and value are waypoints on a journey. That’s why our online business intelligence tools are designed to help you continuously identify opportunities for improvement in your logistics operations. More importantly, we provide you with the detailed information you need to capture those opportunities, again and again. We call this Logistics Performance Management.


Trax turns Business Intelligence into Optimal Logistics Performance.

Leveraging the Trax Data Platform, we help you transform accurate, normalized data into a fact base for better, faster, and more confident decision-making.

Using this fact base, Trax helps you spot savings opportunities through shipment consolidations, service-level changes, accessorial charge avoidance, mode optimization, and contract utilization—all with the detail to needed to seize these opportunities.

Trax also helps you see beyond the complexities of the global logistics ecosystem and unlock significant hidden value—as much as 10% of overall transportation costs—without sacrificing quality.

And Trax streamlines these changes by providing all stakeholders with one single version of the truth—backed by accurate and reliable data—so you can align interests, collaborate more effectively, and deliver significant ROI to your organization.

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