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Smart Data Makes for Smarter Spending.

Can you attribute costs to their responsible owners?

Don’t let simplified accounting practices limit your understanding of costs or force you to default to generic cost allocations.

Trax Cost Allocation helps you leverage quality data, powerful rules flexibility, and comprehensive methods to accurately distribute logistics costs for both accounting and analytics.



Trax helps you expose hidden cost drivers for maximum efficiency.

Trax’s financial allocation platform easily handles the most complex budget allocation requirements. No matter where your data comes from, our powerful engine automatically correlates and cleans it.

Leveraging clean and complete data, you can have full visibility into your cost allocation rules—and you can make adjustments in real time through Trax’s intuitive online tools.

By enabling accurate cost allocation, Trax helps you improve accounting efficiency while optimizing procure-to-pay or order-to-cash cycles. Now your responsible managers can see if they’re spending wisely, and how best to achieve cost savings.

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