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Transform your Biggest Obstacle into your Biggest Asset

In the world of freight audit, logistics data is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, you use it to guide your spending, verify your transactions, and manage your relationships. You expect your data to point you toward savings, and you apply it to critical business decisions every day. You depend on it.

But on the other hand, logistics data is never perfect. It comes at your quickly – and it tends to be inconsistent, ambiguous, or incorrect. Sometimes, it’s just plain missing. So you can’t depend on your data. How can you make well-informed decisions if you aren’t dealing with all the facts.

Trax makes your data complete, reliable, and actionable.

  • Trax intelligently automates the process of acquiring, normalizing, correcting and managing any data type and format. However data comes to you, we clean it up.
  • By delivering clean data, Trax provides you with an accurate picture of your current logistics ecosystem. You’ll now see legitimate opportunities for improvement.
  • Trax eliminates the poor data quality that leads to wasted time and resources, and instead arms with you with accurate insight. You’re free to make smart, efficient decisions that drive value.
  • Trax has long-term relationships with thousands of worldwide carriers, and we’ve collected billions of data points processing more than one billion transactions. You simply put our connections to work for you.
  • Trax delivers your data through easy-access web applications and standard data feeds. You have complete visibility into your logistics performance.
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