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Freight Companies and Their Processes

Are you being overcharged for shipping? A Freight Audit and Payment service provider can help you uncover invoice errors and recover your lost funds.

Did you know that up to 5% of invoices contain errors? When you’re busy shipping thousands of packages in a week, it’s not easy to monitor the influx of invoices that flood your office—but failing to catch invoice errors, such as fuel overcharges or discretionary costs, can eat away at your logistics budget.

With a Freight Audit & Payment system, you can harness the power of data to uncover invoice inaccuracies, and take the steps to recover costs due to an invoice dispute.

Our guide to Freight Auditing Process and Solutions will take you through the freight auditing process, and demonstrate why outsourcing this need saves you the time and money. You will learn:

  • The challenges of monitoring shipment invoices.
  • Top freight auditing methods and how they may hinder your business.
  • Common invoice errors and disputes.
  • The case for clean and refined data.  

The average manual review can cost $10 per invoice. Don’t risk wasted resources. Download our guide to see how Freight Audit & Payment can transform your logistics operations, today.

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