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Freight Settlement Software

Flexible and Efficient Freight Settlement

Freight payment is evolving to a more data-oriented settlement process that can affect how both shippers and carriers manage logistics transactions. The key to both sides getting the greatest value, ensuring compliance, and negotiating the best terms is an adaptable settlement platform that’s rich in features.

Trax Settlement delivers robust functionality and a flexible, payment-agnostic approach. We can work with your existing payment process, or we can manage and pay logistic suppliers on your behalf. The bottom line is that, in many cases, we’re able to bring greater efficiency to the settlement process and lower your overall costs.

Improve Invoice Settlement with Clean Data and Collaboration.

  • After you’ve closed gaps, reconciled errors, and settled disputes, Trax Settlement helps you confidently handle payment for invoices, in compliance with corporate financial controls and policies.
  • With the help of high-quality data and transparency, Trax enables lenders to better calibrate the risk of logistics transactions—so they can offer providers the lowest possible financing rates at the best terms.
  • Trax helps shippers optimize the financial supply chain by lengthening payment terms even when logistics providers can’t afford to fund your business.
  • Trax Settlement enables shipping clients to achieve greater efficiency in payment processing, so they can conserve resources and maximize value.
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