CSCMP EDGE 2022: Key Takeaways for Supply Chain Leaders

That’s a wrap on CSCMP Edge!  

Trax attended, exhibited, and spoke at CSCMP Edge – Supply Chain’s Premier Event™ that connects the global logistics community with the latest innovations, strategies, and best practices. Through thought leadership sessions, expert-led demonstrations, and networking opportunities, supply chain and logistics leaders came together in Nashville to discuss the industry's most pressing challenges.     

Whether you attended the event or couldn’t make it, we’ve got you covered. We're breaking down the biggest highlights of CSCMP Edge, including the most-talked-about topics and what's trending in freight audit & payment solutions. 


Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Did you know carbon and greenhouse gas emissions have increased by over 16,300% in the last 170 years? That’s four times faster than economic growth. In fact, transportation makes up 27% of the world’s total emissions – the single most significant contributor. As a result, solutions for a greener supply chain are in high demand. That’s why Trax president, Josh Bouk, sat down with AbbVie at CSCMP to discuss its journey to reduced CO2 emissions and how our Carbon Emissions Manager is helping the pharma leader track emissions across all modes, vehicles, and regions. 

Trax is passionate about environmental sustainability in the supply chain. Nothing less than the future is at stake. Our latest innovation introduced a Carbon Emissions Manager for the transportation industry: go here to learn more.

Freight Audit & Payment Needs Are Changing

Shippers want more than a freight audit & payment solution that dots their I’s and crosses T’s. They need advisory services and high-quality data to help them save costs and improve shipping efficiency. 

"You can't improve something you don't measure, and you can't measure effectively if you don't have a baseline. Trax has all the shipments we make. It has what we paid for. It has the mode, the service that we provided, whether it was temperature controlled or not, and what packaging we used. That's the level of granularity that we’re looking for.” - Steve Caulkins, Business Lead, Global Logistics Programs, at AbbVie 


Data, Data, and More Data

Speaking of data, supply chain and logistics pros understand it holds more power now than ever. And choosing the right technology is imperative to enabling visibility and gaining control over transportation spend. The Trax team utilized our time at CSCMP to educate the logistics community about how our technology-enabled data management ingests, cleans, normalizes, and joins data from disparate systems for centralized data that informs decision-making and reduces the need for manual processes.

Trax: Providing Innovative Freight Audit, Data Management, and Sustainability Solutions

Ready for more? We hope to see you next year at CSCMP Edge in Orlando! Until then, our team looks forward to helping you achieve greater control and visibility of your transportation cost structures.

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