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We improve freight audit & payment with a data-first approach.

Companies look to freight audit & payment solutions as a way to safely manage logistics transactions, stop waste, and save money. But real efficiency is impossible when your supply chain is clogged with bad data. Try whatever techniques you want—but dirty data will always cloud your visibility, contaminate your decisions, and compound your financial risk.

At Trax, we know freight audit & payment has to start with clean data. That’s the only way to derive meaningful, actionable business intelligence. And that’s the only way to achieve maximum efficiency, minimum risk, and long-term value.

Here’s what Trax offers:

An innovative data platform

Comprehensive freight audit

Sophisticated tools for cost allocation

Flexible financial settlement models

Actionable logistics business intelligence

Our goal?

To help you build efficiency and generate value from the inside out.

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We find every opportunity to optimize logistics performance and results—from how you configure rate agreements to how you implement financial audit controls.

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