Steve Beda Featured in SupplyChainBrain: Executive Insights on CO2 in the Supply Chain

The Trax dedication to cutting edge solutions for tracking CO2 in the supply chain is advancing opportunities in the field. Steve Beda, Executive Vice President at Trax Technologies, was recently featured in SupplyChainBrain. This industry publication focuses on relevant, timely issues for logistics, technology, and supply chain leaders.

His guest article provided executive level insights on environmental sustainability in the supply chain, and how mission-critical efforts can and must be made in the shift toward eco-friendly practices.

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4 Areas of Focus for Environmental Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Steve’s article delineated four key areas of focus that global supply chain organizations must have. All large companies already have ESG processes well underway. These corporate environmental sustainability programs require buy in at all levels to move the needle.

1. Programs

The first focus must be on programs.

Beyond a pledge, there has to be a structured, organized program that will continuously work to achieve minor and major goals. These programs often need dedicated staff and governance as well as input from various departments and stakeholders. 

The individuals overseeing these programs are responsible for problem-solving, systems-building, and both internal and external messaging. Without the infrastructure, plans will never be carried out and the gap between competitor progress and a company’s own process will widen. 

There is something of a race afoot in this arena, and companies with a solid program for environmental sustainability in the supply chain will lead the pack.

2. Partners

The coordination between various parties is one of the great complexities of the supply chain. It’s also a great challenge that can yield great opportunities. The challenge comes to a head when companies try to move beyond business as usual and do something new. But that is just what must be done for actual change to occur.

All of the links and relationships along the way, starting with the internal leadership and team and extending into partners and third-parties, must be carefully considered. In the early days of these initiatives, information sharing to gain a holistic view of carbon emissions, for instance, is of enormous importance. This clarity and transparency must be obtained and maintained to sustain progress.

3. Processes

The “how” of course-correcting environmentally harmful practices is neither simple nor myopic. It requires vision, long-term critical thinking, long-range planning, and the help of emerging tools and technology. 

After early evaluations, it will become clear that new processes must be developed, tested, refined, and adopted. One of these processes is tracking carbon emissions, which is not easy. 

It’s why we at Trax developed the Carbon Emissions Manager for the transportation industry. Technology will accelerate movement toward the goal of environmental sustainability in the supply chain.

4. Performance

Leaders in the supply chain understand the imperative of seeing “end-to-end,” from the start to conclusion of any process. The only way to claim full adoption of a sustainability initiative is to monitor and evaluate performance, from beginning to end. This is the way in which leaders will quantify growth, and address areas that still need to adapt.


Trax & Environmental Sustainability

Trax has created a series of articles and posts that report on everything from the business case for environmentally sound practices to roadmapping environmental sustainability in the supply chain to the collective efforts needed to reduce carbon emissions. Browse our blog to see the latest articles on sustainability.

Read the latest article here: Reducing Carbon Emissions is a Team Effort, Especially in Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain

Trax: High-Impact Leaders Advance Meaningful Change

Trax is proud to have thoughtful, high-impact leaders at the helm. We recognized early on the need to prioritize technological advances that support environmentally sustainable practices. As more companies move to make good on ESG pledges, Trax is here for support. 

We work with enterprise level global companies to implement streamlined processes, simplifying the complex and creating new opportunities during seasons of change.

To learn more about partnership with Trax, and our suite of Transportation Spend Management tools, connect with us today.

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