Why Enterprises Choose Trax Over the Competition

In the economic uncertainty of 2023, many enterprise leaders are currently tasked with reducing costs and creating more cash flow in their supply chains. One way transportation executives are accomplishing this is by partnering with a freight audit and payment provider.

The right freight audit and payment partner will decrease your transportation spend while increasing efficiencies and creating end-to-end visibility into your supply chain. For global enterprises with complex transportation networks, Trax has an advantage. In fact, the more complex your needs are, the better our solutions can perform for you.

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Trax is the only technology-focused freight audit and payment solution with global, multimodal capabilities and is the leading non-bank vendor with differentiated technology, payment automation, and data capabilities.

Let’s dig in a little deeper.


First, we’re global. According to Gartner, “for many shippers, the ideal situation would be to have a single platform to audit and pay freight bills across all modes and geographies.” However, many freight audit and payment providers only work in specific regions or cannot audit across every mode of transport.

Data Security and Privacy

At Trax, we take data security seriously. We hold an incredible amount of financial information for hundreds of customers, so privacy and security are a top priority. We hold recurring internal training courses and have a strict information security policy for staff, we have third party protection in place for all our systems, and we have an ISAE 3402 | SSAE 18 | SOC 1 Type 2 certified audit and payment process.

Carrier Collaboration

Since 2020, carriers have had more leverage to choose which shippers have priority. With Trax’s Rate Manager, Carrier Management Services, and Carrier Hub, our customers and carriers can work together with Trax in a three-prong relationship that allows for carrier collaboration, benchmarking, and negotiation. This allows Trax customers to become a shipper of choice with their carriers.


Trax’s Carbon Emissions Manager uses the data that we have already collected, normalized, and standardized, and tracks the carbon emissions of your end-to-end supply chain, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint while also optimizing your transportation spend.

Trax FAP at a Glance

  • Trax is an enterprise-grade, modern platform disrupting a fragmented market made up of small regional vendors with limited technological capabilities and larger low-tech service providers.
  • Trax offers end-to-end, feature-rich Transportation Spend Management (TSM) technology that addresses the entire freight audit, payment, and spend management lifecycle.
  • TSM technology provides differentiated, multi-modal capabilities (all modes across all regions), which enables full visibility across all transportation spend.
  • The powerful spend intelligence capabilities deliver a variety of analytics, including advanced reporting, insights, variance analysis, and modeling.
  • With a local presence in key markets across five continents, Trax employees can provide a high-level of service to support our global customer base.
  • Go beyond simple freight audit and payment with Trax’s white glove expert advisory and sourcing services, including contract reengineering and optimization.
  • Trax offers innovative B2B payment automation and supply chain finance capabilities, ensuring solid relationships with carriers and proving you are a shipper of choice.
How does Trax provide all these solutions? The Trax platform is best-in-class, comprehensive, enterprise-grade freight audit and data integration technology. Check out our differentiated solutions below.

Rate Manager
Centralized information library that allows real-time visibility into all contracted rates by mode, region, carrier, logistics service provider, and business unit.
Match Manager
Enterprise integration solution that brings together disparate shipment and carrier data, inventory and sales order data, and cost data into a single transportation spend database.
Data Compliance Manager
Data management solution that extends master data management and harmonization controls to the end user, giving customers control of their data governance and compliance.
Carbon Emissions Manager
Solution for tracking and benchmarking actual carbon emissions across a transportation network—all modes, vehicles, and regions—while integrating with broader ESG reporting.
Accrual Manager
Solution that enables organizations to leverage historical data to accrue shipping costs more accurately at the time of shipment, minimizing variances between accrued and actual freight costs.
Claims Manager
Solution that investigates, files, and resolves carrier performance, including lost and damaged claims and funds recovery while providing transparency and reporting at each step.
RFx Manager
Rate bid management collaboration solution for issuing bid opportunities, evaluating responses, and accepting bids across all modes and lanes, including spot quotes.
Invoice payment automation and trade finance solutions that allow carriers to be paid when and how they wish, while enabling organizations to achieve their working capital and DPO objectives.

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Trax Technologies

Trax is the global leader in Transportation Spend Management solutions. We partner with the most global and complex brands to drive meaningful optimizations and savings through industry-leading technology solutions and world-class advisory services. With the largest global footprint spanning North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe, we enable our clients to have greater control over their transportation performance and spend. Our focus is on your success.