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Achieve Low-Risk Freight Audit at any Volume, from any Region, in any Mode.

Freight audit has to start with data you can trust.

Other FA&P systems think process automation is the key to saving you time and money on your logistics transactions. Not Trax.

We start by ensuring your data is accurate and dependable. Then we get to work on real optimization. Not only will you avoid countless hours of manually fixing inconsistencies, but you’ll be ready to handle fast-moving global data far more efficiently – and without unnecessary risk.

Trax scales to fit your logistics world - so you can control your exposure and your savings.

  • Clean data, backed by the flexibility of Trax Freight Audit tools and services, means you can handle any volume of logistics transactions, across any geographic region and any mode.
  • Because Trax can systematically verify the validity of any invoiced charges and data, you can control exactly what and how you want to audit—from feed to line charge, from parcel to charter, from America to Zimbabwe. You also choose when you want to audit: pre-invoice, pre-payment, or post-payment.
  • Trax Freight Audit also gives you the necessary foundation to implement protective checks and balances. No matter how you choose to tighten or loosen audit policies—whether by lane, country, or trading partner—you’ll get the optimal path to compliance and control, without needlessly driving up costs.
  • By helping you accurately understand your exposure—from imminent threats that require strong controls to potential issues you can monitor for a while—Trax positions you to mitigate all possible risks.
  • Our powerful Freight Audit system translates to proven savings, no matter how simple or complex your supply chain. In fact, our clients regularly see a 2-5% cost reduction in transportation spend from audit actions alone.
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