Multi-Carrier Parcel Optimization Webinar

How to Execute a Multi-Carrier Parcel Optimization Strategy ft. LaserShip


About the Webinar

In this webinar, Trax's Steve Beda and Jerry Peterson discuss the process for executing a multi-carrier parcel optimization strategy and explain how a leading retailer achieved success by following these steps. By optimizing your current transportation strategy and shipment needs, including carrier mix, service mix, transit times, and contractual volume and/or spend commitment, you can ensure you meet the demands and expectations of your customers.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to Select the Right Carriers
  • How to Develop an RFP Framework
  • How to Build Your Network
  • How to Leverage Technology


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About the Speakers


Steve BedaSteven Beda, EVP Customer Solutions/Advisory

With a long history of supply chain automation and transportation logistics experience, Steve Beda works closely with new and existing customers to help them improve their spend management programs for both inbound and outbound supply chains. Steve Beda has been recognized as one of the “Pros to Know” by the Supply & Demand Chain Executive editorial committee for two years running and is a regular speaker at the Parcel Forum.


jerry petersonJerry Peterson, Global General Manager of Retail & Technology

Jerry Peterson, Global General Manager at Trax, brings more than 30 years of experience as an innovative leader and trusted supply chain and logistics advisor. Throughout Jerry's career, he has demonstrated successes in Supply Chain Operations, IT, Procurement, Strategy, and Transformation for some of the world's most respected enterprises.



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