It used to be that the hard savings from credit recovery or adjustments in the audit process could meet clients’ needs. Not anymore. Today clients want to garner even more value and information from their audit process. The growth of e-commerce, in particular, is impacting both shippers and freight audit providers, because more companies are now focusing on small-parcel shipments. Today’s shippers need experts who can audit, analyze, and process their freight bills, and also leverage analytical data to improve transportation costs.

Trax Group—a leading global freight audit and bill payment provider- offers advanced insights and analytics that help gain visibility and control over rising transportation costs.

One key benefit of the merger in June 2018 between Trax Technologies and Veration, according to Chris Connell, former CEO of Veraction, and now CEO of Trax Group Inc., is their next-generation freight-audit and bill-payment platform and robust data analytics capabilities, which gives customers more visibility and control over all their transportation expenses.

“Companies are going beyond pure freight audit and bill payment,” says Connell, “and are looking for ways to truly control their transportation costs.”

Clients of Trax Group’s platform can tap into its transportation spend intelligence capabilities. They can also compare past spending to projected future spending or a benchmark. Later this year, Trax Group will be releasing a tool to help organizations create scenario modeling for their transportation spending.

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