Trax’s Transportation Spend Management platform earns recognition as a leading innovator in technology solutions

DALLAS, Dec. 12, 2023 -- -- Trax Technologies, the global leader in Transportation Spend Management (TSM) solutions, today announced the company’s recognition as a Top Software & Tech Award winner for 2023 in the Supply Chain Visibility category. The award is given by Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the only publication covering the entire global supply chain and Food Logistics, the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of products through the global cold food supply chain. The Top Software & Tech Award spotlights new-to-market software and technology solutions in the supply chain space.

“Trax’s Transportation Spend Management freight audit and payment cloud‐based technology solution is revolutionizing transportation management and sustainability, providing comprehensive solutions that drive end-to-end visibility, efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility,” said Steve Beda, Executive Vice President of Customer Success, Trax.

As a freight audit and payment (FAP) provider, Trax is uniquely positioned to provide industry leaders with data-driven tools and expert advice on supply chain sustainability. Trax’s in-platform add-on solution, the Carbon Emissions Manager, provides industry leaders with data pertaining to emissions factors, travel distances, tank-to-wheel combustion of energy, wheel-to-wheel distribution of fuel, and insights into CO2 and other greenhouse gasses. Additionally, the platform allows real-time visibility into all contracted rates by mode, region, carrier, logistics service provider (LSP), and business unit.

“Trax is proud to be a SaaS plus service-based technology company that allows customers to focus on what’s important - including climate,” said Beda. “The Carbon Emissions Manager correctly calculates scope 3 emissions, including all third-party companies within a company’s supply chain to meet the European global standard, EN 16258. This type of data also empowers U.S. transportation leaders to begin including scope 3 data in SEC climate reporting, which will be required beginning 2025.”

The Top Software and Tech Provider award featured two main categories - Small Business <$50 million and Enterprise >$49 million and then five sub-categories within each main category: Procurement/ERP Software, WMS/TMS Software, Warehouse Automation; Robotics; and Supply Chain Visibility Solutions.

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Trax is the global leader in Transportation Spend Management solutions. Trax elevates traditional Freight Audit and Payment with a combination of industry-leading cloud-based technology solutions and expert services to help enterprises with the world's more complex supply chains better manage and control their global transportation costs and drive enterprise-wide efficiency and value. With a global footprint spanning North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe, Trax delivers data-based visibility and insights, higher savings, and better control of transportation spend for shippers and 3PLs/4PLs of all sizes. For more information, visit

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Trax is the global leader in Transportation Spend Management solutions. We partner with the most global and complex brands to drive meaningful optimizations and savings through industry-leading technology solutions and world-class advisory services. With the largest global footprint spanning North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe, we enable our clients to have greater control over their transportation performance and spend. Our focus is on your success.