Trade Finance with 100% Transportation Carrier Coverage 

  • Extend DPO Without Debt: Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) extension options for shippers. This means transportation invoices are paid on time while shippers are able to extend their DPO as far out as 150 days. 

  • Purpose-Built for Transportation Logistics: You likely already have some form of a working capital management program but almost none have solutions to help with transportation logistics which is growing daily as a key cost of goods sold. 

  • Drive Carrier Loyalty: Payment terms to your carrier are no longer a sticking point as you'll be able to meet the mandates of the carrier while getting better rates in exchange, and still extend your working capital. 
  • Raistone Partnership: Raistone, a world-leading fintech provider, provides access to capital for the on-time payment of invoices while simultaneously extending the payment terms for the shipper beyond the payment terms of the invoice. 


How does it work? 


1. Trax audits transportation invoices for accuracy and validity 
2. Raistone provides low cost capital for payment of invoices on time to carriers

3. Trax automates carrier payments to ensure on time and efficient delivery for carrier and shipper 


4. Shipper pays Trax for transportation invoices up to 150 days after they were paid to the carrier and a monthly service fee for the extension  


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