We understand how it feels to lack the visibility into your global supply chain data you need to make confident decisions about the future.
With Trax, you can:
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transportation rates and contracts across the enterprise


and augment data for greater confidence in decision making, and better data management & business intelligence


the freight audit and payment process

Gain better visibility
Gain better visibility

into current transportation spend drivers and performance

Our solutions help you create enterprise-wide value

The more complex your needs are, the better we can perform for you. Transportation Spend Management (TSM) is a data-driven approach to analyzing, optimizing, and leading the financial and operational performance of your logistics, the factors that impact transportation spend, and the delivery of value to customers. It’s a comprehensive, integral, and complex part of superior supply chain management.
Freight Data Management
Financial Management
Carrier Management
Transportation Optimization Programs

Freight Data Management

Tier 1

Freight Data Management

Freight Data Management is built for high-value global supply chains that need more than just standard freight audit and payment. Trax ensures correct, on-time payment of freight invoices regardless of carrier, location, currency, and technology so you can increase payment precision while reducing the strain on your people. Realize savings while gaining visibility into your data in a centralized, collaborative platform.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Keep up with the growing complexities in your supply chain and consumer demand for faster delivery times.

  • Make data-driven predictions

    Get insights into crucial metrics in your supply chain. Access centralized, easy to use data to anticipate changes, and adapt.

  • Master freight audit across all global regions, modes, and carriers

    Save time, money, and increase transportation performance with superior freight audit management.

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Financial Management

Tier 2

Financial Management

Master the financial performance of your international transportation network to reduce risk, expand network opportunity, and further differentiate from your competition

  • Industry-leading accuracy

    Gain visibility into match rates and accrued versus actual.

  • Data to make decisions

    Access better data to inform financial processes and decisions.

  • Minimize risk

    Ensure you accrue accurately, avoid costs from carrier errors, and have real-time insights to make financial planning decisions.

  • Increased carrier claims success

    Automate shipment level accruals and drive increased carrier claims success.

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Carrier Management

Tier 2

Carrier Management

Carrier management is essential for companies that have outgrown basic freight audit and payment (FAP) solutions for their broader scope of operations. Use carrier management to gain greater visibility into carrier performance and market performance beyond your contracted carriers. You can also proactively manage carrier performance within your network to plan and forecast. 

  • Evaluate carrier performance vs. KPIs

    Understand your carriers’ qualitative and quantitative attributes to evaluate their performance against your predetermined KPIs.

  • Control your transportation costs

    Trax helps you optimize your processes and ensure contract compliance for better control of your transportation costs. 

  • Efficiently handle disputes for customers

    Efficiently handle disputes and claims so your customers have a good experience while reducing your losses.

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Transportation Optimization Programs

Tier 3

Transportation Optimization Programs

Transportation Optimization Programs are suited for organizations with best-in-class freight data, performance, and carrier relationships. You are ready to use a mix of consulting services and AI-assisted modeling to transform those insights into the ultimate competitive advantage: superior customer satisfaction.

  • Deliver superior customer satisfaction

    Create competitive differentiation by getting your products in your customers' hands sooner.

  • Plan strategically

    Leverage freight performance for strategic supply chain planning.

  • Create impact

    Deliver customer satisfaction and enterprise-wide value.

  • Bring your organization into the future

    Products include custom and holistic strategic evaluation and future planning.

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How we can help

Schedule a consultation

Book a meeting with our team so we can take your goals, challenges, and unique needs within your global transportation network and align them with a proven plan to achieve maturity.

Get a TSM roadmap

We’ll assess your Transportation Spend Management challenges and provide a plan to implement the perfect solution for you.

Optimize your global logistics

Gain full visibility and control into your entire transportation network and optimize your entire organization with Trax’s Transportation Spend Management solutions.

What makes us different

Trax is focused on empowering our clients to succeed. We help them shift from operators to strategists. We know that our customers need more than just freight audit and payment. They need visibility and insights to make confident decisions about transportation and logistics, now and for the future.


Trax is the most global Transportation Spend Management solutions and services partner, spanning four continents. We deliver in-region experts to focus on you and your carriers.


The more complex your global supply chain, the better Trax works. Our customers use all transportation modes, partner with thousands of carriers, and work in hundreds of countries.


Trax singularly invests its focus and resources on client needs and success. We obsess about your future so you have confidence in making decisions to get you there.


Trax will guide you to Transportation Spend Management maturity as you master data management, financial performance, carrier relationships, and transportation strategy.

Our global reach

Driving global logistics efficiency is impossible when you have no visibility and enormous cost swings within your transportation network.

With Trax, you’ll get global transportation spend management solutions that are built to deliver data-based visibility and insights, higher savings, and better control of transportation spend so you can use logistics as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Trax proudly supports over 500 active team members in 10 locations across 4 continents

User Story: Pfizer

User Story: Pfizer's Journey to a “Single Source of Truth” for Rate Management

Join Andrew Grass and Samir A. Shah to hear how Pfizer uses Trax Group’s Rate Manager software to improve their rate visibility, manage their carriers, and generate actionable metrics, taking the pain out of rate and contract management to deliver better control.

Trax helped us identify and
our transportation risk

"I’ve always believed that data is one of the most critical pieces used in making decisions. The solid reporting capabilities and platform that Trax provides, has been extremely important to our business routine and used for several high profile projects."

Transportation Director