Managing Carriers Takes Time That You Don't Have

Every company needs carrier management so that it can handle complexities before they become disruptions. As your company grows, so does your need for a trusted Freight Audit and Transportation Spend Management partner.

 At Trax, we know that a growing number of carriers can make it difficult to keep up with demands and establish a collaborative relationship with carriers. Companies like yours will best handle disruptions by Investing in partners that handle carrier management, as well as build relationships with carriers. If the carrier feels appreciated, valued and heard, they will be more collaborative, loyal and focussed on success alongside your company. 

As a global company, you must consistently handle a large and increasingly changing number of manufacturers, carriers and meet high customer expectations. You also are balancing multiple foreign currencies, a multitude of payment terms, and countless system and invoice combinations. In addition, eCommerce has grown 44% since 2019 and isn’t slowing down as customers expect faster shipments with more convenience in their shopping experience. These changes can be challenging for companies to adapt to, and it can be overwhelming to keep up with carrier relationships. 

This extra responsibility feels like the only work shippers can focus on. There is a more effective way for you to manage their carriers, while still paying attention to responsibilities that always seem out of reach. Trax’s Carrier Management Services can be crucial to the success of your company. 

What Carrier Management Isn't

While the benefits and outcomes of a dedicated Carrier Management Service are great and provide substantial ROI, we first want to clarify what it is sometimes misunderstood to be. The first common misconception is that these services are only needed during the onboarding of a carrier or in the implementation phase of new audit processes and technology. While it’s critical to ensure carriers are actively supported during these times, we find the greatest return on that relationship comes throughout the run of everyday processes and procedures.  

A second common assumption is that carriers require little work once they are set up correctly. That’s true if you don't want to permanently resolve billing issues and/or have lower standards for billing, data, and performance quality. We find the key to transportation optimization and global, end-to-end visibility is a proactive partnership with your carriers, which takes effort.

Carrier Management Services are not merely reactive to disruptions. You can view these services as resolving the same repetitive invoice errors again and again. Our Carrier Management Services aren’t simply a way of communicating with carriers, and we’re more than just an invoice auditor. Trax ensures that your carrier needs are consistently met, and your investment in our solutions will be worthwhile.

What Carrier Management Is

Rather than reacting to incorrect invoices and disruptions, Trax has a dedicated team of professionals working directly and proactively with carriers. Trax helps to resolve and avoid data, billing, and performance issues with carriers and permanently resolve past billing exceptions. This is what creates better relationships, greater alignment on success, and what saves time that would have been spent reacting to issues after the fact. 

When a company is strategically investing in a carrier management service, it becomes proactive in resolving invoice errors so that they are no longer a recurring issue. Trax also improves your data management with carriers. The quality of your data is crucial to enhancing carrier visibility and improving performance. As your company grows, its relationships with carriers will be a great asset for improving loyalty. Strong communication and strengthening your relationships with your carriers is Trax’s top priority in carrier management. Carriers will support you towards success as they are aligned with your companies goals. 

Your company and your carriers will greatly benefit from implementing processes like carrier scorecards, contract/rate management, and claims management. Scorecards track a carrier’s performance through predetermined KPI’s, and your company will be able to select the KPI’s that fit with your objectives. This gives your company control over how to assess your carriers without taking on the brunt of tracking performance. Shippers will be able to improve their relationship with carriers, while carriers gain clear communication. 

Trax allows for the personalization of your carrier management solutions by managing contracts that fit your company’s needs. Carrier management services can handle disputes and create a positive customer experience. This feature saves your company from unnecessary loss and encourages customer loyalty. 

Why You Need Trax's Carrier Management Services

Carrier Management takes purposeful and consistent work to stay proactive and improve visibility. These are crucial to your company, but it can be hard to meet these needs sufficiently with these growing complexities. Trax takes these responsibilities off your hands and takes the workload off of shippers. 

Many things can cause disruptions with carrier management. Contracts and rates can be wrong, there can be disputes on invoices, there are breakdowns in EDI, and there are problems. These are all consistent and daily issues that come with carriers. Without sufficient transportation management, it is the responsibility of the shippers to resolve it. Trax can take on taking care of contracts and rates, performance visibility, and data management. This peace of mind gives your company the flexibility to meet evolving customer expectations, and you can become a leading company in global transportation spend management. To learn more about how Trax can help your company overcome transportation complexities, schedule a consultation today!

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