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Trax Webinar |  Achieve 100% Carrier Adoption: Working Capital Innovations in Transportation

Watch our Working Capital Innovations in Transportation Webinar on-demand!

About the Webinar

In this Webinar, Josh Bouk, Chief Revenue Officer at Trax, and David Skirzenski, Chief Executive Officer at Raistone Captial, will discuss traditional supply chain financing programs and how TraxPays+ Shipper Financing offers a unique working capital solution to create an optimal relationship between shippers and carriers.

What You'll Learn

  • Challenges enterprise shippers face in securing capacity and capacity commitments with their carriers. 
  • How to create a mutually beneficial relationship between shippers and carriers, and remove key internal conflicts.
  • Massive opportunities for swifter payments and debt-free working capital management programs in the supply chain.


About the Speakers

Josh Circle HeadshotJoining Trax in May 2020, Josh brings over twelve years of experience driving growth for global enterprise expense management organizations. For the past six years, Josh served as VP of Global Sales & Marketing for the Expense Management division of Cass Information Systems. Prior to that, Josh led the growth of Veramark Technologies, completing three strategic acquisitions and establishing a new brand, Calero Software. Over the last decade, Josh has led the creation of expense management programs representing over $10 billion of annual enterprise spending for the largest companies in the world. He has a true passion for customer care and looks forward to working closely with our customers to define the future of global Transportation Spend Management. 


David Raistone (982 × 982 px)Dave is responsible for managing all facets of the business, including strategy, operations, product innovation, and the firm’s go-to-market platforms. Dave is focused on helping companies achieve their vision and orienting them towards action. Dave has more than 20 years of experience building and operating fintech around the world. His deep knowledge of both technology and finance is a competitive advantage for leading Raistone Capital. From IBM to Ariba, Dave has managed core development teams that both launched and innovated software platforms. Dave moved solidly into the financial technology space beginning at Morgan Stanley and then Citibank, the latter as North American Head of Supplier Finance. He is a veritable virtuoso when it comes to market experience and institutional knowledge. Dave is part genius, part entrepreneur, part nerd, part sales animal, part innovator, part financial mastermind, part trailblazer, and part technology whiz. Yes, that’s a lot of parts.

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