Enterprises who choose Trax
have the following in common

Prioritize Global
Possess Significant Carrier & Modal Complexity
Recognize Need
for Neutrality
Value Spend Management Maturity
Prioritize Global Execution

Having global service delivery teams is critical to optimization and success.

Trax has been on-the-ground in every region of the world, providing local service with local team members since: Trax NAM: est. 1994 | Trax EMEA: est. 2000 | etc.

Possess Significant Carrier & Modal Complexity

The more complex your needs are, the better we can perform for you.

Trax is the top Transportation Spend Management partner that can manage and advise on all modes of transportation in any global region regardless of carrier, volume, or nuance.

Recognize Need for Neutrality

Neutrality allows us to focus solely on your needs and success without external influence.

Trax singularly invests its focus and resources on client needs and drivers of success. We obsess about your future, so you have great confidence in making decisions to get you there.

Value Spend Management Maturity

Trax partners with organizations to achieve Transportation Spend Management maturity.

We help organizations master data management, financial performance, carrier relationships, and transportation strategy to be a leader in your industry.

Who chooses Trax



In one of the most fiercely competitive industries in the world, your consumer packaged goods (CPG) supply chain management must be cost-efficient, swift, and ready to deliver award-worthy customer value. A powerful Transportation Spend Management strategy helps you thrive in these challenges and widen the gap between you and the competition.

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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Improve your operational and financial performance through analytics that deliver insights into optimizing shipment quality, freeing up internal resources, streamline processes, reducing costs, and more. A robust Transportation Spend Management process ensures the cost-effectiveness and consistent quality your life sciences supply chain management needs to successfully deliver shipments to the right destination, at the right time, and in the right condition.

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A powerful Transportation Spend Management strategy builds your business intelligence with quality data and analytics so you can increase cost reductions, free up resources, streamline operations, decrease inventory holding costs, and beyond. Give your procurement team the tools to forecast and plan more accurately, and beautifully align your production schedule and budget with your manufacturing supply chain network.

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Your retail supply chain revolves around delivering on-time, quality shipments to customers, stores, distribution centers, and inbound from your suppliers. Whether you need more regional carriers, better logistics collaboration with sales and marketing, or improved network optimization, a powerful Transportation Spend Management process can help you reach these goals and more.

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Build your business intelligence with quality data and analytics so you can increase cost reductions, optimize your network, drive customer satisfaction, and more. Trax’s Transportation Spend Management Maturity Model takes the operational and financial aspects of your tech supply chain to the next level, so you can turn challenges into opportunities to lead the market.

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Great enterprises we serve

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Boston Scientific
Hewlett Packard
Starbucks Coffee

Sourcing & Contract Optimization Unlock Savings for Global Pharmaceutical

The Client & the Challenge

A top 10 global pharmaceutical company needed to reduce the complexity and expense associated with managing unique and separate small package contracts across seven distinct business units.


Reach your goals
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transportation spend management

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