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The project44 and Trax partnership creates the leading Transportation Spend Management solution bringing visibility into the physical and financial flow of your supply chain into one technology ecosystem for shippers and logistics service providers.

project44 is the world’s leading visibility platform for shippers and logistics service providers. project44’s visibility of the physical event data of shipments coupled with Trax’s visibility and control of transportation spend through Freight Audit creates an unparalleled solution for global enterprise shippers and logistics service providers linking shipment performance and cost-to-serve with real-time insights.










Trax and Raistone have joined up to offer global enterprise treasury teams a solution that extends their existing working capital programs into the long tail of transportation logistics.


Raistone provides a broad array of structured trade finance services in collaboration with banks, institutional investors, corporates and their supply chains. Upon certification of transportation invoices by Trax, Raistone provides access to capital for the on-time payment of those invoices while simultaneously extending the payment terms for the shipper beyond the payment terms of the invoice.









Trax and Truckstop.com partner to help shippers, brokers, and carriers work smarter together.


This partnership will decrease time to onboard carriers with shippers and provides the opportunity to enhance rate and payment data, granting visibility into rate management and selection, shipper-carrier on-time payment and financial and data flow insights. Truckstop.com ensures compliance and onboarding technology by lane, carrier and region, while Trax keeps carriers and shippers informed through end-to-end visibility and next-generation transportation spend management technology and service solutions.



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